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A Message from Tony Rouse

The years of 2020 and 2021 will go down in the history of TEAM Concept Printing as a time period in which we dealt extraordinarily well with a worldwide pandemic. While the pandemic has certainly affected all of us in ways we could have never anticipated, the pandemic has allowed TEAM to become even more committed to our customers, our suppliers and our community. Throughout this period, we focused our efforts and intentions as being what we referred to as “TEAM tough”. We faced the challenge of the pandemic by not saying “why us” but boldly challenged our partners, customers, and the community to “try us.” This tough spirit carried us through the pandemic, and it was our battle cry to help make our industry, communities, and our customer’s world a better place.

Our Focus Areas

Continuing this path of serving others, in early 2022, we formalized our TEAM LEGACY plan. Our TEAM LEGACY program and strategic efforts going forward will be centered on three core principles:

  • Making a Positive Community Impact
  • Enhancing Sustainability Practices & Urgency Within Our Operations
  • Advocating for all Positive Aspects of the Commercial Print Industry

Although TEAM Concept Printing has always had a commitment to these three areas and take them seriously, we want to dedicate the next chapter of our company’s growth to leaving a legacy for future commercial print providers to follow.

We want to be known as an incredible steward to our community, the environment, and to our Team, before we want to be known as a commercial printer.

Each principle of TEAM LEGACY contains clear actions and responsibilities that benefit the TEAM family – our customers, our suppliers, and our community.

The following pages provide more detail on TEAM LEGACY and how TEAM LEGACY complements our strong foundation and enhances your business.

I am honored to share that TEAM has embarked on an ambitious endeavorto offset 100% of our paper and electric consumption by the end of 2023. After thoroughly researching options that allows TEAM to improve our environment, I am confident you will appreciate our commitment.

Specific information about this initiative is included in this brochure, I am very optimistic for the future of the printing industry and confident TEAM will continue to lead and deliver exceptional quality and service. We want to be known as an incredible steward to our community, the environment, and to our TEAM, before we want to be known as a commercial printer.

At the end of the day, I want my kids to be proud of the bigger impact we made on our world.

Thank you for your trust and support.
Tony Rouse
CEO & Founder | TEAM Concept Printing

TEAM Legacy

Download our TEAM Legacy Brochure to learn more about our sustainability efforts.

Making our world & industry better than we found it. Rewarding future commercial print leaders & customers in the years to come.
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