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Team Concept Printing & Thermography has earned Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification (COC)

FSC Certification provides a verifiable method to ensure customers that they have purchased paper that comes from well‐managed forests and/or other verifiable sources of consumer recycled material. Team Concept Printing follows the Chain of Custody Standard that is required to track and label FSC-certified wood and wood fiber products. With FSC Certification, environmentally conscious businesses, publishers, designers, and advertising agencies can address their increase in well-managed challenges and demands.

When selecting papers that are certified, you are demonstrating your commitment to responsible forest management and sound business practices.

FSC Certification is a part of Team Concepts' efforts to minimize its impact on the environment. Vegetable or soy oil-based inks are available to further our sustainability efforts and challenges.

FSC-certified forests are responsibly managed according to set standards. The goal is to improve forest conservation and reduce deforestation. The FSC certification indicates that the wood product is verified and tracked through its various stages and into its final state according to strict environmental standards.

Team Concept Printing & Thermography is certified through SGS Group, an FSC‐Accredited Certification Body. By achieving this certification, Team Concept will meet the FSC Chain of Custody manufacturing and material handling guidelines under certification number SGS‐COC‐005356.Team Concept uses all of the FSC paper designations and it is appropriately identified through our job number and inventory numbering system. FSC paper is identified using a goldenrod colored paper along with attaching a sticker reading “FSC”, this is attached to every sheet package of FSC products. All paper products purchased are in line with the species requirements of FSC, although paper products cannot specifically determine the exact species used. All product types are done in accordance with the FSC classifications.

Team Concept Printing is a company made up of people highly trained in the printing industry. Purchasing, Storage, Printing, Shipping, Outsourcing for Bindery and Finishing, and Documentation of all specified FSC paper stock sheets utilizing offset and digital printing to produce custom printed materials using the “transfer system”.

Over the last 24 years we have developed the following capabilities:

  • Digital Printing
  • Raised / Spot UV
  • Specialty Finishes: LUX FX
  • Packaging
  • Green Print Operations: TEAM Legacy
  • Kitting
  • Fulfillment
  • Mailing
  • Custom Promotional / Branded Goods

Learn more about Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification at

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