G7 Qualified Master Printer


Download and Save

1. Launch Adobe Bridge.

2. Go to Edit > Color Settings.

3. Click on "Show Saved Color Setting Files" in the pop-up window.

4. A Finder window will pop up where you will see other .csf files.

5. Move the downloaded color profile .csf files into that location.

6. Once you have done so, quit Adobe Bridge.

7. Relaunch Adobe Bridge.

8. Go to Edit > Color Settings.

9. Select the GRACoL color profile.

10. Click Apply.



“Wwwwooooowww. great work – You guys are awesome. Impressed! Beautiful job, I am thanking you so much!”

Jamie Golden, Man Marketing

“Incredible work. Really. The color is amazing. I can't believe how bright and vibrant everything looks you guys really came through.”

Angela Taormina, Raise Marketplace

“Those little brochures look wicked awesome!! Thanks so much for nailing it. I appreciate it!”

John DeGrace, Club Colors